We boost HYPER-HYP communities.

We have coded for you a HYPER, HYP. Now you can use your comm coins. Play some games and also use the site as an on-line wallet.

BETA phase: We are testing the site. For your security, fund only small amount of coins at a time.

Next raffles.

Raffle/Match Closing Date Type Bet Prize
Only activated Dice Game.

We are in BETA.

¡¡ Warning !! This Site is in Beta phase. All coding has been done from scratch, hence may be flaws. If you use this site, you are asumming that. So minimize your risk by using small ammounts of comm coins.

Site Status

Server Date: 16-12-2017 21:18:04

HyperStake(HYP) Net conns: 25
Site reserve: 3 HYPs.

Server Status Code: &HABCFFG-1088727

Network Status

HYP Net difficulty: 301.51612 Rich
Blocks: 1,218,399
Coins: 1,080,764,356.17 HYPs.